Oct/22: We are happy to share about the following demos accepted in IEEE Globecom 2022.
  • YouTube goes 5G: Benchmarking YouTube in 4G vs 5G Through Open Datasets
  • A Framework for QoS and QoE Assessment of Encrypted Video Traffic with 4G and 5G Open Datasets
  • In-band Inter Packet Gap Telemetry (IPGNET): Unlocking novel network monitoring methods
  • Towards an In-network UAV Centralized Collision Avoidance Algorithm in Programmable Data Planes
  • UAVs Allocation and Visualization in VANETs via DRL
  • Improving the DASH QoS by dropping packets in programmable data planes

Jun/22: FAPESP lança Centros de Pesquisa em Engenharia com a Embraer, Ericsson e GSK