Research Scope & Approach

The SMART NEtworks and ServiceS for 2030 (SMARTNESS) FAPESP Engineering Research Center (ERC) aims to advance cutting-edge research in computer networks and digital application services focused on strategic areas where scientific and technological impacts can be achieved by the year 2030, in collaboration with research communities of cloud and networking. With the deployment of 5G and the 6G vision being developed, the main challenges for SMARTNESS are how to design and operate cloud computing infrastructures and networks with adequate capabilities to leverage the next generation of Internet services and applications. The scope of end-to-end services at the Internet scale is exceptionally broad and requires contributions across multiple disciplines along with large investments in capital and human resources.

SMARTNESS aims to explore well-planned opportunities through an appropriate methodology based on the confluence of Research Strands (RS) designed to successfully impact world-class research and innovation through Scientific and Technological Advancements (STA) to address challenging use cases in Internet scenarios for industry and society with a vision on the horizon for the year 2030.

Publications (recent)

  • Ramon dos Reis Fontes, Augusto José Venâncio Neto, and Christian Esteve Rothenberg. “Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) Emulation.” To appear in IET ‘Wireless Mesh Networks for IoT and Smart Cities: Technologies and Applications’, 2022.
  • Suneet Singh, Christian Rothenberg, Jonatan Langlet, Andreas Kassler, Péter Vörös, Sándor Laki, Gergely Pongrácz. “Hybrid P4 Programmable Pipelines for 5G gNodeB and User Plane Functions“. In IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC). Aug. 2022. [preprint]
  • Fabricio Rodriguez, Francisco Germano Vogt, Ariel Góes De Castro, Marcos Felipe Schwarz, Christian Rothenberg. “P4 Programmable Patch Panel (P7): An Instant 100G Emulated Network on Your Tofino-based Pizza Box”. In ACM SIGCOMM’22 Poster/Demo Session, Aug. 2022. (SIGCOMM SRC’22 Award Winner) [Video]

News (recent)